Pigeon Racer

Graham Carter
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'Pigeon Racer' screen print by Graham Carter
Two colour hand pulled print on GF Smith Colorplan 270gsm
Paper measures 18cm x 24cm
Signed, titled and numbered in an edition of 50

An edition from the Soma Gallery - 20 Years portfolio collection.

"I wanted to get the number 20 in there somewhere, so a racing number popped into my head. Coupled with the funky pigeon dude and retro stylings, it all seemed to fall into place quite well. Everyone loves a racing pigeon - even a cheating one!" --Graham Carter

About the 20 Years Collection
Soma Gallery turned 20 in June 2024 so to mark this momentous occasion we asked 20 artists to produce a limited edition print to commemorate the 20 years. A portfolio of each print from the editions go to the 20 artists, and the final 30 prints are available for sale. You can read more about the project on our blog.

About the Artist

Graham Carter is one of the UK's most prolific and collected print makers, alongside a successful commercial illustration career.

His artworks bring together myriad creatures and characters, fantastical landscapes, nature and comical fan art. His artwork is not limited by one theme or style but embraces the ever changing passions and inspirations that make an artist exciting to collectors. As a master print maker Graham creates all his artworks himself, experimenting with various printmaking techniques, painting, hand drawing and 3d modelling. Foils, flocks and enamels play a big part in creating incredible depth and detail to his artworks, which bring them to life for the viewer. 
Graham is also a multi award nominated children's book writer and illustrator. The Story Thief and Otto Blotter Bird Spotter have both been received with great acclaim.
Graham is based in Seaford in East Sussex, where he lives with his family and works from his printing studio.