Previous Exhibitions

  • Tom Frost

    28/05/16 – 16/07/16

    Printmaker Tom Frost presents an exhibition of limited edition screen prints, 3D objects and original hand made artwork.

  • Winter Exhibition

    06/11/15 – 24/12/15

    Group show featuring new work for the Christmas period from Graham Carter, Tom Frost, Sally Elford and more.

  • Autumn Exhibition

    12/09/15 – 03/10/15

    Group show featuring new work from Crispin Finn, Graham Carter, HelloMarine, Spencer Wilson, Anna Marrow and more.

  • Anna Marrow

    20/2/15 – 11/04/15

    Solo Exhibition of hand made screen prints by Bristol based printmaker and illustrator.

  • The Current

    17/04/14 – 28/06/14

    Group show featuring new work from Adam Bridgland, Matthew Green, Lucy Gough, Adam Hayes and Jess Wilson.

  • Soma 10th Anniversary


    10th Anniversary exhibition featuring 10 prints from: Andy Smith, Alice Pattullo, Graham Carter, Peskimo, Gemma Correll, Hazel Nicholls, Adam Bridgland & Lucy Gough, Crispin Finn and Spencer Wilson.

  • 4 Fonts Andy Smith

    01/03/14 – 19/04/14

    An exhibition of screen prints by Andy Smith featuring artwork based on jokes and puns.

  • Pick Me Up Show in Bristol

    05/05/13 – 30/06/13

    Our exhibition at Pick Me Up London in our Bristol Gallery space. Featuring work by Peskimo, Tom Frost, Hazel Nicholls, Nicholas John Frith and Telegramme.

  • Pick Me Up 2013

    18/04/13 – 28/04/13

    Contemporary Graphic Art Fair, Somerset House. Featuring work by Peskimo, Tom Frost, Hazel Nicholls, Nicholas John Frith and Telegramme.

  • Christmas Exhibition

    03/11/12 – 05/01/13.

    A festive show featuring the work of papercut artists Sarah Dennis and Peter Slight, plus illustrations from Gemma Correll.

  • Hate Mail Book Signing


    Illustrator Mr Bingo comes to Soma to sign copies of his new book, Hate Mail.

  • Konichiwa Japan

    21/06/12 – 15/09/13

    Feltmistress and Jonathan Edwards bring their 3D characters, creatures and original artwork inspired by Japan to Soma.

  • Pick Me Up Show in Bristol

    02/04/12 - 15/05/12

    Our exhibition at Pick Me Up London in our Bristol Gallery space. Featuring work by Andy Smith, Tom Frost, Peskimo, Gemma Correll & Crispin Finn.

  • Pick Me Up 2012

    22/03/12 - 01/04/12

    Contemporary Graphic Art Fair, Somerset House. Featuring work by Andy Smith, Tom Frost, Peskimo, Gemma Correll & Crispin Finn.

  • Christmas Exhibition

    19/11/11 - 31/12/11

    New work from Adam Bridgland, Lesley Barnes, Graham Carter, Sam Chivers, Gemma Correll, Crispin Finn, Sally Elford, Tom Frost, Lucy Gough, Ben Javens, Sarah Knight, Julia Pott, Andy Smith & Spencer Wilson.

  • Pack Rat

    01/10/11 - 13/11/11

    Exhibition by Crispin Finn featuring a selection of prints and items based on their fascination with collecting.

  • Tatty Devine Workshop & Book Signing


    Tatty Devine host a Rosette making workshop and sign copies of their new book, How To Make Jewellery with Tatty Devine.

  • Sunny Side Up

    25/06/11 – 31/08/11

    Solo exhibition by Andy Smith with screen prints and wooden artworks that deal with bold statements, strange visitors, warnings from gurus, the thoughts of Captain Scott and other random themes.

  • Christmas Exhibition

    20/11/10 - 31/12/10

    Festive show featuring work from Andy Smith, Spencer Wilson, Graham Carter, Lucy Gough, Adam Bridgland, Gemma Correll, Lesley Barnes, Julia Pott and Peskimo.

  • Rebecca Telford

    06/03/10 - 18/04/10

    Solo exhibition. In 2007/8 Rebecca went travelling across America, Canada & Mexico from which she takes much of her inspiration for this series. Her work is influenced by architecture, pattern & colour.

  • Christmas Exhibition

    20/11/09 - 30/12/09

    Christmas show featuring work from our most popular Artists from the first five years of Soma. Si Scott, Anthony Burrill, Rob Ryan, Graham Carter, Lucy Gough, Adam Bridgland, Jody Barton, Ben Newman, Sally Elford and Sam Chivers.

  • Our Bartlett

    09/10/09 - 14/11/09

    Solo show fearuring beautiful papercuts based on songs including Nick Drake, Jarvis Cocker and Rage Against the Machine.

  • Adrian Johnson

    04/09/09 - 03/10/09

    London based illustrator illustrates. Clients include Paul Smith, Monocle, Adidas Originals, 2K, and Creative Review. Adrian says: 'Mostly I like to do nothing in particular, for which my talent knows no bounds'.

  • Graphing Series

    11/07/09 - 30/08/09

    Prints by London based Graphic Design agency Accept & Proceed. A large area of their work includes information, systems and graphs. This exhibition showcases their 'Light Calendar' Series and 'Elite Sporting Moments' Series.

  • David Foldvari

    24/10/08 - 30/11/08

    Solo exhibition by the incredibly talented illustrator David Foldvari. Showing both originals and prints of his bold, dark and sometimes political works.

  • Sam Chivers

    01/09/08 – 29/09/08

    Solo exhibition of silkscreen works by Brighton based printmaker Sam Chivers. Showing a collection of Art Prints and Gig Posters for various bands including the Duke Spirit and Turin Brakes.

  • Ben Newman

    15/09/07 - 14/10/07

    Solo exhibition by the Bristol based illustrator Ben Newman whose work has been described as "radically fuzzy felt bauhaus-folk illustration".

Archived Exhibitions

James Joyce Solo Show

06/07/07 - 26/08/07

Zara Wood Solo show

18/05/07 - 16/06/07

Hellovon Solo show 

09/03/07 - 21/04/07

Winter Show featuring Pomme Chan, Camilla Meijer and Nadine Faye James

10/11/06 - 31/12/06

Fingers Crossed for a Sunny Day by Adam Bridgland and Lucy Gough

04/09/06 - 30/09/06

Nadine Faye James Solo Show

20/07/06 - 26/08/06

Plimsole featuring Fiona Hamilton, Hannah Telford, Rebecca Telford and David Waters

03/06/06 - 15/07/06

And All the Ladies Seemed Pleased featuring Jody Barton, C'est Moi Ce Soir and Ian Stevenson

12/03/06 - 23/04/06

Wonderland Christmas Show featuring Adam Bridgland, Lucy Vigrass and Spencer Wilson

16/11/05 - 31/12/05

The Lighthouse Keeper by Richard May and Kevin Davison

14/10/05 - 05/11/05

Summer Show (We are 1!) featuring Ceri Amphlett, Louise Body, Burn, Urvesh Patel and Pinpops

11/06/05 - 24/07/05

Jenny Bowers Solo Show

07/05/05 - 06/06/05

Lucy Vigrass Solo Show

26/03/05 - 30/04/05

'Decadence' Christmas Show featuring Chellie Carroll, Container, Paul Willoughby, Mizuyo Yamashita, Susan Kerr, Tait & Style

13/11/04 - 04/01/05

Paul Willoughby Solo Show

18/10/04 - 07/11/04

Pencil'in featuring Will Ainley, Karin Akesson, Adam Bridgland, Lucy Gough and David Waters

11/09/04 - 16/10/04

Fresh featuring Jon Burgerman, Anthony Burrill, Otto, Container with Anna Rosa Krau and Richard May

12/06/04 - 24/07/04