Caring for Prints and Posters

Try to avoid handling as much as possible. Hands should be spotlessly clean and do not use hand cream which can leave a greasy residue on the artwork.

When removing prints printed on heavy paper from tubes, allow the paper to relax naturally for a few hours or up to a couple of days instead of forcing the curled paper flat. This can sometimes cause creasing to the paper if it is forced to flatten. A warm hairdryer on low can sometimes help to relax the fibres, but do take great care if you try this as the paper can be blown across the room!

Pick up prints using both hands to avoid creasing or crimping. If you are unused to handling prints then if you pick up the print at diagonal corners you will avoid any damage.

Keep out of direct sunlight. Try to avoid hanging valuable artwork above radiators and keep away from open fires to avoid smoke damage.

If you plan to store your prints for any length of time, you should ideally remove them from tubes and store flat. It may be worth investing in a portfolio case. Use protective acid free tissue paper to keep your prints in top condition.

If hung against against an outside wall, make sure there is space between the frame and the wall to allow for airflow which will prevent any condensation which can damage the print. Check periodically.

Keep in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. Changes in temperature and humidity can affect paper.

Caring for wooden and acrylic jewellery

Following these tips will help to keep your jewellery looking lovely:

Avoid contact with water. Remove before showering/bathing/washing up etc.

Do not sleep in your jewellery.

Avoid spraying perfume directly onto your jewellery. Keep away from bare skin after applying sunscreen.

Avoid using household chemicals whilst wearing rings or bracelets.

It’s best not leave your jewellery in direct sunlight. So to keep your jewellery looking it’s best please store it in a box or away in a drawer.

Always store and transport your jewellery in its box.

Keep water, perfume and other sprays and lotions away from your jewellery, as moisture can discolour metal parts.

Clean chains and acrylic with a soft damp cloth.