Gulls & Goods Cranes Print

Fiona Hamilton
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'Gulls and Goods Cranes' hand pulled 7 colour screen print by Fiona Hamilton.
Printed on Somerset Satin printmaking paper.
Paper measures 50cm x 70cm.
Signed, titled and numbered by the artist.
Edition of 15.

This screen print illustrates a flock of seagulls in flight on a moody grey-blue sky with delicate halftone photographic clouds. It's a print from Fiona's series of screen prints over Bristol Harbour. Also featured are the goods cranes which are an historic and popular feature of the harbour.

Fiona Hamilton is a printmaker based in Bristol. Interested in process she uses a combination of mediums, both traditional and contemporary, to produce unique imagery, often as one off pieces or in very small runs. Fiona has a degree in Graphic Fine Art from Canterbury, Kent. She is currently working in cyanotype and silkscreen.