Gulls & Goods Cranes Metallic Dark Silver Print

Fiona Hamilton
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'Gulls and Goods Cranes' hand pulled 8 colour screen print by Fiona Hamilton.
Printed on GF Smith metallic papers.
Paper measures 50cm x 70cm.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
One off a/p from a small edition of proofs.

This screen print illustrates a flock of seagulls in flight on a metallic dark grey-silver sky with delicate halftone photographic clouds. It's a print from Fiona's series of screen prints over Bristol Harbour. Also featured are the goods cranes which are an historic and popular feature of the harbour.

Please note that this print is from a very small edition of proofs printed on metallic paper. Each one is unique and may have variations in print as well as marks and imperfections, which add to the unique quality. You will be sent the print in the photograph.

Fiona Hamilton is a printmaker based in Bristol. Interested in process she uses a combination of mediums, both traditional and contemporary, to produce unique imagery, often as one off pieces or in very small runs. Fiona has a degree in Graphic Fine Art from Canterbury, Kent. She is currently working in cyanotype and silkscreen.