Greville Smyth Pine Print

Fiona Hamilton
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'Greville Smyth Pine' drypoint etching with chine collé.
Printed on 300gsm Fabriano printmaking paper.
Plate measures 30cm x 45cm.
Paper measures 46cm x 63cm.
Signed, titled and editioned by artist in an edition of 10.

Please note that drypoint prints all have slight variations and will not be exactly the same as the photograph due to the subtle nuance in hand inking and wiping the plate.

This print considers how we view the contemporary sublime landscape and how easy it can be to experience when we take the time to look. We often don’t have to travel far: parks in cities, the coastline and stars in the night sky. The mature Scots Pine tree pictured here grows in my local park in Bristol.

This body of work is based on the book by Suzanne Simard, Finding the Mother Tree. Trees communicate via mycorrhizal fungi to trade water and other nutrients. Ancient and mature trees nurture their offspring via these networks, as well as trading nutrients between other species. Botanist Simard has spent years working on this theory as part of a wider body of work, discovering what it means for forests, the climate and the wider Anthropocene.

About the artist:

Fiona Hamilton is a Bristol based printmaker. Her work explores the ecological sublime and an appreciation of the majesty of nature. She uses detailed intaglio etching, drypoint, lithography and chine collé to draw the viewer into an ethereal landscape that has an impact on our sense of place in relation to the natural world. She uses primarily black and white with natural tones of chine collé and sometimes layers of lithographic texture to introduce warmth to the stark palette and to invoke a sublime emotional connection. She works from sketches, photographs, notes and memory to create her prints.

Fiona has an MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking from The University of the West of England (2023). Previously she studied Graphic Fine Art at Canterbury (2002) and established Soma Gallery in 2004.