Annet Storm Petrels

Pirrip Press
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'Annet Storm Petrels' screen print by Pirrip Press
Two colour hand pulled print on Mohawk Superfine White Eggshell 270gsm
Paper measures 18cm x 24cm
Signed, titled and numbered in an edition of 50

An edition from the Soma Gallery - 20 Years portfolio collection.

"I’m Alex Higlett of Pirrip Press, an illustrator and screen printer in Bristol. I’ve been screenprinting for years and have run Pirrip Press (zines, prints, cards and other printed ephemera) since 2012. I love to be outdoors and the natural world is my biggest source of inspiration.

The screenprint I’ve made for SOMA is ‘Annet Storm Petrels’. Annet is one of the Scilly Isles and Storm Petrels are sea birds who only come to land to breed. I’ve never seen one but enjoyed reading what Hilda M Quick says about them in ‘Birds of the Scilly Isles’ (1964), and that’s what inspired the print: 

     “As it begins to get really dark, a mysterious sort of purring or whirring, mixed with clicks, comes from under the rocks; it is more like an insect noise than the voices of birds. Then tiny flitting forms, like bats, come out of their crevices and go off. Only very occasionally does one see a bird by day, though it sometimes happens on the ‘Scillonian’ crossing; then it seems to be a small black bird with a white rump, not unlike a House-Martin.” 

Because of this, I was keen to make a night time screenprint, emulating the brief glimpse of them you might get in the dark and thinking about making layers of night. No black from the tube!" -- Alex Higlett

Colours: pinks, peaches, creams

About the 20 Years Collection
Soma Gallery turned 20 in June 2024 so to mark this momentous occasion we asked 20 artists to produce a limited edition print to commemorate the 20 years. A portfolio of each print from the editions go to the 20 artists, and the final 30 prints are available for sale. You can read more about the project on our blog.