Serpents Print

Anna Ruiz
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'Serpents' lino cut print by Anna Ruiz
Printed on GF Smith Colorplan 270gsm
Paper measures 18cm x 24cm
Signed, titled and numbered in an edition of 50

An edition from the Soma Gallery - 20 Years portfolio collection.

'Serpents' is an original linocut print, hand carved and printed using a late 1800s etching press in my studio in South Bristol. It takes inspiration from a dream I had a few years ago. Two young serpents were forming a beautiful, almost symmetrical pattern. I believe ancient symbols and archetypes live in our unconscious and carry powerful information. For some of the greatest ancient civilisations snakes were a symbol of fertility, renewal and rebirth. --Anna Ruiz

About the 20 Years Collection
Soma Gallery turned 20 in June 2024 so to mark this momentous occasion we asked 20 artists to produce a limited edition print to commemorate the 20 years. A portfolio of each print from the editions go to the 20 artists, and the final 30 prints are available for sale. You can read more about the project on our blog.

About the Artist
Anna is a Barcelona born artist and designer based in Bristol. She works with printmaking and print design to create unique hand-made images. Her work resides in the realm between the imaginary and real. Very often her illustrations combine imagery derived from dreams and research into fairytales, myths and symbols. They are invitations to the viewer to bring attention to the richness of their own inner world, fostering well-being.