Sammy Says Save Print

Erica Donovan & Matthew Green
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'Sammy Says Save' screen print by Erica Donovan & Matthew Green.
Measures 30cm x 40cm.
Open edition, stamped.

Erica Donovan is an artist based in London. She has a studio in Wood Green, London, where she create her works, normally screen prints. Erica has a BA in Graphic Design (from Bath) and an MA in Printmaking (from Camberwell). Her work is thoughtful and well executed and references themes such as new technologies, the acquisition, digestion and passing on of information and changes in the way that objects are invented, used and improved upon.

Matthew Green excels in producing beautifully hand-drawn illustrations, his signature style is often compared to wood-cut prints and etchings. Beyond this craftsmanship and at the heart of all of Matthew’s work lies an enormous sense of fun. He creates worlds and moments where fantasy can meet the most mundane; from a voyeuristic zebra who resides in an old wooden shed to a glamorous blue tit dining for one.