Flock Yeah Print

Graham Carter
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'Flock Yeah' (The Peace-Sign one) screen print by Graham Carter.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Limited edition original hand pulled screen print with enamel and gold foil details.

Measures: 56cm x 76cm on Somerset printmaking paper.
Edition of 60.

This print features a swarm of birds making the shape of the hand gesture. This piece is a companion piece to the Flock You, but maybe with a tinge more optimism (Graham thinks it’s up to the viewer if they want to read it as a piece sign or a ‘v’ sign!) A symbol of courage and hope, this artwork is an expression of positivity and strength. It will be a timeless reminder of the unyielding spirit of humanity.

Graham Carter is one of the most exciting illustrators currently working in the UK, and has worked at the forefront of his industry for the last 15 years. Graham's client list is extensive and he has enjoyed successful campaigns with Aviva, Bupa, Orange, Waterstones, Visa and Monster.co.uk. His illustrations can also be spotted in a wide variety of editorial publications such as The New Scientist, The Guardian and The Sunday Times.