Crumbling Ionic Column Pin

Kate Rowland
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'Crumbling Ionic Column' pin brooch by Kate Rowland.
Measures 2.5cm x 3cm.
Made from marble acrylic.
Fastened by a pin.

An eye-catching pin with an illustrated crumbling ionic column design, etched and cut from a beautiful marble acrylic. the hellenistic collection is a playful take on ancient greek icons and motifs.

The brooch is made from laser engraved marble acrylic with hand painted detailing.

Please keep away from water and moisture to avoid damage. Avoid direct sunlight.

Kate Rowland is a jewellery designer and illustrator, living and working in Northamptonshire, UK.

Her design ethos is to create playful, conversation-starting jewellery made from ethically sourced materials. She studied illustration and brings her love of drawing into the jewellery. She draws each piece by hand, and works to retain the hand drawn aesthetic through the precise laser cutting process.

Kate uses responsibly sourced poplar plywood and british manufactured jewellery findings. She laser cuts and etches all her designs before they are finished, painted and assembled by hand.