Big Cat on Stilts Print

Melanie Wickham
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'Big Cat on Stilts' lino print by Melanie Wickham.
Paper size measures 56cm x 37cm approx.
Signed, titled and numbered in an edition of 30.
Supplied unframed.

This lino cut print features a black cat who wants to be a bit taller.

Melanie Wickham is a lino printer based in Bristol. She trained as an Illustrator, graduating in 1997 and has been carving out lino hares, cats, spiders, plants and otters ever since.

Her printmaking is based on drawings she makes – she sketches everywhere she goes and captures ideas and shapes which evolve into her lino prints. Her subject matter is largely nature based, plants and animals but also people and places feature.

She transfers her drawings onto the lino block and then carves the design, before inking up and hand burnishing the back of the paper to create a print. She doesn't use a press at all.  She often uses Somerset Satin paper and works in limited editions, with each lino print being titled, numbered and signed on the front.

Melanie enjoys the challenge of translating a drawing into lino and also the physical process of hand burnishing. She is constantly challenging herself with the medium, in terms of both intricate lino blocks to cut and also the size of lino block to hand burnish.