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Alice Pattullo's A-Z of Animals

Alice Pattullo is an illustrator and printmaker based in London. She graduated in 2010 with a First Class Honours in Illustration from Brighton University. Alice works predominantly in screen print producing limited edition prints. Research is at the heart of her practice and her work is often inspired by British folk tradition and superstition, 1930s American musicals and celebrity culture to name a few! She is inspired by mid-century design and strives to create a nostalgic aesthetic in her own work through colour choices and composition.

Alice Pattullo Whale

Alice's A-Z of Animals is a series of twenty six hand printed screen prints of different animals, insects and creatures. Measuring 60cm x 60cm xnd each in an edition of 30. 

Alice Pattullo Polar Bear

Find the series on our website here.

Alice Pattullo Zebra