Winter Ptarmigan in Blue Print
Winter Ptarmigan in Blue Print Winter Ptarmigan in Blue Print
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Limited edition unframed hand printed 'Winter Ptarmigan in Mid Blue' gocco print by Dee Beale.
Printed on 270gsm Bright White Colorplan.
Signed by the artist, open edition.
Measures 25.6cm x 18cm. 

'Winter Ptarmigan' is based on the Ptarmigan, a small, rather hardy game bird found in the highest mountains of the Scottish Highlands. During winter they lose their grey and brown feathers and become completely white.

Dee Beale is a printmaker/designer based in the UK where she designs and hand prints all her work from her small printmaking studio. Many of her prints are limited edition and produced on a Japanese Print Gocco. Print Gocco is small self-contained tabletop screen-printing machine first produced in Japan in the 1970s.

Many things including nature, animals and plant forms inspire her work. She is also a big fan of mid century art and design so a lot of the artists she admires are from that period including Lucienne Day, Jessie Tait, John Clappison, and Stig Lindberg.