The Shining movie print by Crispin Finn

Two colour hand pulled silkscreen print by Crispin Finn.
Printed on 250gsm Matrisse Paper.
Measures 50cm x 70cm.
Open edition, each one hand dated and embossed, first print edition.

This screenprint recreates the ephemera and objects that feature prominently throughout the movie “The Shining”.

Directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980 and based on the best selling story by Stephen King, this print deconstructs the narrative and appearance of the cult film by focusing on the physical items that appear on screen during the running time. This is one of an ongoing series of prints which pays homage to some of our favorite films.

Each print comes complete with an “order of appearance” sheet which acts as a guide to each object and the moment it appears in the film.

Crispin Finn is London based duo Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly. They have worked together since 2008 and make illustration, design, screen prints, stationery and homewares. All of their personal work appears exclusively in the colours red, white and blue.