Sleeping Badgers Print
Sleeping Badgers Print Sleeping Badgers Print

Limited edition unframed hand printed 'Sleeping Badgers' gocco print by Dee Beale.
Printed on 270gsm Bright White Colorplan.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Measures 25.6cm x 18cm. 

Dee Beale is a printmaker/designer based in the UK where she designs and hand prints all her work from her small printmaking studio. Many of her prints are limited edition and produced on a Japanese Print Gocco. Print Gocco is small self-contained tabletop screen-printing machine first produced in Japan in the 1970s.

Many things including nature, animals and plant forms inspire her work. She is also a big fan of mid century art and design so a lot of the artists she admires are from that period including Lucienne Day, Jessie Tait, John Clappison, and Stig Lindberg.