Screen Printing at Home
Screen Printing at Home Screen Printing at Home Screen Printing at Home

'Screen Printing at Home' book by Yuk Fun.
Produced by Design For Today.
A5 booklet.

Screen Printing at home is a little A5 20 page guide to screen printing without having to use complicated and expensive equipment. Have fun with Yuk Fun and go for it! This is not intended to be a technical manual, more a fun guide and tips on what you’ll need to set yourself up to print at home. Yuk Fun are an exciting design partnership, who specialise in the most stunningly creative stuff to wear and enjoy. This little guide is also printed using a RISO printer, all the way from London’s Bethnal Green. So, keep it local and D.I.Y.!

Help us print sustainably, locally, and responsibly.

Design For Today is a small press and publisher, launched in the summer of 2015, with the aim of working with designers and illustrators to create limited edition books, cards, and printed pleasures for the discerning collector and enthusiast.

Design For Today’s artists’ books are all designed, crafted and printed in the UK, using quality, sustainable materials and printed using the traditional processes of lithography, letterpress, screenprint, or linocut.  Editions are small, from 500 – 1500. Tomorrow’s collectable books today!