Heads, Bodies & Legs Book
Heads, Bodies & Legs Book Heads, Bodies & Legs Book

'Heads, Bodies & Legs' book by Alice Pattullo.
A limited edition, spot litho printed book, produced with Design For Today.
Based on the old parlour game of consequences, designed so you can cut up and create your own 'exquisite corpses' from the selection of weird and wonderful people inside.
Measures 24cm x 11.5cm.

Alice Pattullo's Heads, Bodies & Legs is inspired by the centuries old parlour-game of consequences, renamed 'exquisite corpses' by The Surrealists. Alice has created 26 figures, that combine a midcentury sensibility with her love of Folk Art and East London.

Each figure can be cut into three and then each part interchanged to create a fun and active book. The book is printed using four colour spot lithography, and appropriately is printed in East London. It comes uncut to allow the reader, or collector, to either enjoy the figures as they are, or to have fun with a pair of scissors.

Alice Pattullo is an illustrator and printmaker based in London. She graduated in 2010 with a First Class Honours in Illustration from Brighton University. Alice works predominantly in screen print producing limited edition prints. Research is at the heart of her practice and her work is often inspired by British folk tradition and superstition, 1930s American musicals and celebrity culture to name a few! She is inspired by mid-century design and strives to create a nostalgic aesthetic in her own work through colour choices and composition.