Fix Your Hearts or Die! Print

Fix Your Hearts or Die! risograph print by Liam Barrett.
Printed in two colours, green and fluorescent pink (please note the flourescent pink effect does not show up in photograph.)
Measures approx. 29.5cm x 29.5cm.
Edition of 50.
Signed and editioned on the reverse.

Liam Barrett is a multidisciplinary illustrator, university lecturer and maker living in Bristol, UK. Liam has worked professionally in editorial, written and illustrated two children's books. He is a big believer in personal projects and is currently working on EGG MEAT.

He has recently completed his master in printmaking and has exhibited internationally. Sometimes he goes into three-dimensions making masks and characters from cardboard, ceramic, wood, metal and anything else he can find. He also lectures in Illustration at the University of South Wales putting creativity, curiosity and content-led Illustration at the forefront.