Bloody Mary cocktail print by Crispin Finn

Hand pulled two colour 'Bloody Mary' screen print by Crispin Finn.
Printed on 250gsm Matrisse Paper.
Measures A3, 29.7cm x 42cm.
Open edition, each one hand dated and embossed.

“Sober or blotto, this is your motto: keep muddling through.” – P.G. Wodehouse.

One in a series of twenty one screenprints depicting some of the most iconic and celebrated (and delicious) cocktails ever created.

The Bloody Mary print includes a brief history and unique design by Crispin Finn.

Crispin Finn is London based duo Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly. They have worked together since 2008 and make illustration, design, screen prints, stationery and homewares. All of their personal work appears exclusively in the colours red, white and blue.