Tea & Bears Mug

Fine bone china 'Tea & Bears' mug by Nicholas John Frith.
Measures 8.4cm diameter x 9cm high, 35cl volume.
Microwave and dishwasher safe.

We love tea and bears! Who doesn't?!? Enjoy a cuppa along with all of your favourite things (although I bet a bear would hog all of the biscuits).

The surprise picture at the bottom of this mug is a delicious-looking, half-eaten biscuit and the wording 'oh, and biscuits'; om nom nom...

Nicholas John Frith is an illustrator & printmaker. Although he believes his spiritual home is somewhere cold, he longs to live somewhere warm, somewhere with bougainvillea trailing the walls and citrus trees in the garden. Nicholas grew up in the Chiltern hills, going to school just around the corner from the home of Roald Dahl. He now lives on the coast of Dorset, England, where he can also be found writing the odd piece of fiction.

After years of doing ‘this and that’, seeing the world and harbouring stories, ideas, desires and aspirations, he’s glad to finally be sharing it all with the world.