Printing Day and Night Patch
Printing Day and Night Patch Printing Day and Night Patch

'Printing Day and Night' patch by Bel's Art World.
Measures 8cm x 8cm.
Embroidered patch, can be ironed on or sewn on.
Comes with card backing with instructions.

This fun and colourful iron on patch is one for the screen printers and features a silver squeegee with green blade and a smiling face on a fluorescent pink, orange and yellow background and the words PRINTING DAY AND NIGHT in orange and green.

Instructions for applying patch:

Step 1: Set your hand iron to the hottest temperature setting.
Step 2: Place your patch in the desired position and place a pressing cloth (hanky, scrap fabric, tea towel) over the top.
Step 3: Press the iron straight down for 35-45 seconds was as much constant pressure as possible. Do not move back and forth.
Step 4: Turn garment inside out and repeat steps 2 and 3.
Step 5: Allow patch to cool down.

For extra strength, sew on and iron on.

Bel's Art World by Belinda Chen. Belinda Chen is an illustrator, printmaker and the creator of Bel’s Art World. She loves creating cute and playful things to brighten up your day.