Pocket Mirror #5
Pocket Mirror #5 Pocket Mirror #5 Pocket Mirror #5

Pocket Mirror by Fiona Hamilton.
Made with coloured metallic and matte foils.
Mirror measures 2.25" diameter.

Presented in a packet.
One off designs.

From a series of accessories with the design based on paint splashes, splodges, drips and printer errors. Made with matte and metallic foils, each item is unique. 

This unique design features buff spots on a green background with black spots and splashes.

Fiona Hamilton is a printmaker based in Bristol. Interested in process she uses a combination of mediums, both traditional and contemporary, to produce unique imagery, often as one off pieces or in very small runs. Fiona has a degree in Graphic Fine Art from Canterbury, Kent. She is currently working in cyanotype and silkscreen.