Peace Milagro Charm Aqua

Fiona Biddington
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Laser cut and screen printed 'Peace' Milagro charm in aqua by Fiona Biddington aka Paper Argonauts.
Measures approx 9m x 15cm, and hangs approx 25cm including twine.
Lasercut on sustainable birch plywood, polished with a layer of natural beeswax for protection.

Fill your world with Peace!

Drawing inspiration from Mexican Milagros and just a hint of traditional tattoos, these wall charms look great hung on their own, in a frame, or as a collection on a wall.

Hand Screenprinted with 4 colours of Eco- friendly inks and with handpainted details, these colourful charms will bring a splash of warmth and friendly cheer to any room. Finished with a touch of hand stitching and a silky tassel to add just a little bit of luxury.

Each of these beautiful charms is truly one of a kind, the screenprinting process means that no two prints will be the same. Please allow for slight colour and alignment differences from the image seen... this is the unique joy and beauty of screen printing!

If looked after these decorations will last a lifetime!  Store in a cool dry place away from moisture. To keep them in tip top condition give the stars a gentle polish with natural beeswax once a year to feed the wood and keep them looking beautiful!

Fiona Biddington is an illustrator and printmaker. All her products have been designed, illustrated, hand painted or screen printed by Fiona. She is influenced by all sorts, but in particular loves folklore, tradition and mythology.